Using our time, talents, and treasures

God has given many blessings to His believers; blessings which they use as His managers for the furtherance of His Kingdom.  Among these are the blessings of time, talents, and treasures.  Not all receive them to the same degree, but God expects good stewardship of each gift as it is given. The congregation can help its members plan and carry out their stewardship.

The stewardship of a Christian's time and talents is reflected in the individual's support of the Lord's work in the home congregation and beyond. This is evident from participation in worship, in prayer, in confession of faith, and in witnessing that faith to family, relatives, neighbors, friends and fellow workers.  It is also shown in the Christian's willingness to serve in the congregation where membership is held.

As you read the following ways to serve, please contact the pastor to express your willingness to serve. He will direct you to proper church board members who can give you more information.

Ways to serve your Lord in your congregation:

    Altar Guild
  • What a privilege it is for our women to serve by setting up and removing the communion ware used at the Lord's Supper, filling the candles with liquid wax, changing the paraments for the seasons of the church year, and making sure flowers are placed on the altar.  We are always looking for more women to help with this work.
    Chime Choir
  • Our chime choir meets Thursday evenings during the school year from 6:30-7:30.  Members from fifth grade age and up are welcome to join.  No previous experience is necessary.  We play music with the choir and separately as a group. 
  • We invite communicant members of the congegation to sing in our choir, lending their hearts and voices in praise to our Savior with special songs. No choir experience is necessary.  Rehearsals are held Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30 during the school year.  
    Cleaning the church
  • Our congregation likes to afford all members, for whom it isn't a hardship, the opportunity to volunteer to clean our church each week.  Supplies and guidelines for cleaning are found in the upper narthex closet (between the 2 bulletin boards). We need more willing families to sign up so that the schedule is such that a family would only have to clean once a year. 

    Periodic work days are scheduled in the spring, summer and fall as needed, to trim branches and bushes, clean the exterior of our buildings, and do a more thorough cleaning of the inside of church.  Please watch for announcements for these special work days.
  • We have a number of very dedicated individuals who meet each Monday morning to count the offerings which God's people have brought to support our Savior's work.  We could use several additional volunteers.
    Float work
  • Williamston has two parades (the first Saturday evening in December and the fourth Saturday afternoon in June). Our congregation would like to have a float entry in both of them each year.  In the days, or weeks, before each parade we need volunteers to help assemble our float.  We also need a vehicle to tow the float and members to walk along the float during the parade to hand out any information we have for that day.
    General maintenance and repair
  • Each of our buildings, and the property which surrounds them, needs regular attention. To hire commercial businesses to take care of all the maintenance and repair would be an overwhelming burden on our budget.  God has given many of our members the ability to do electrical work, general carpentry, plumbing, heating/cooling, painting, etc.  We look forward to using more of our members to do this work.
  • Members of the congregtion who are retired--or are at least of retirement age--meet the fourth Monday each month at 11:30 AM. The name of the group indicates that though the members of it might be getting gray hair, they still cherish living in God's grace. Some meetings have work done on service projects and taking care of needed church items. Other meetings are more relaxed, offering group members a chance to socialize at the church or on a trip to a place of interest.
  • We ask individuals and husband/wife teams to volunteer to greet worshipers as they enter church, and to give a special warm greeting to visitors. A strong greeter program makes sure that visitors know they are welcomed here, and helps us to plan visits to their homes if they wish or to contact them with more information about our church. We ask visitors to sign our guest book. More detailed guidelines for our greeters are available from the pastor.
    Ladies' Fellowship Group
  • We extend a warm invitation to all women of our congregation to attend our monthly meetings and fellowship activities.  Our desire is to encourage and support one another in Christian love and fellowship while promoting the growth and spread of God's Word and blessings.  Each monthly meeting is an opportunity to enjoy each other's company, discuss Bible topics, and work on church-related projects.

    The ladies faithfully serve our church by assisting with the support and organization of church activities such as making banners, cleaning the kitchen, making cards to send to our members, taking care of the church library, and much more. Each year we support our home and world missions as we send out our mission offerings.  We also have a Prayer Partner program where we draw names and extend special prayers for that person for the next month.  Then we send a special card to them at the end of the month.

    Please join us the first Monday each month (September through May) at 7:00 PM in the church fellowship hall.

    January 7       1.  Take down Christmas decorations in sanctuary and basement.
                            2.  Also discuss Lent supper dates March 13, 20, 27 and April 3, 10. 
                            3.  Pancake meal reschedule date  
    February 4     1.  Discuss mission projects – We need to get estimate for kitchen flooring before we decide on how much to send for missions.  We did decide to send money to WELS for the Vietnam Hmong mission work and to Living Hope in Chattanooga, TN for their new mission.   
                            2.  Discuss agenda.
                            3.  Sign up sheet - Kitchen committee
                            4.  Approval given to get more Janette Oke dvds for our movie nights using card money.
                            5.  Approval given to give Phyllis $32 dollars to use for stamps for cards she sends out. 
                            6.  Menu for Lent supper –Goulash meal again on March 13. 
    March 4        1.  Talk about kitchen floor estimate and how much to send to two mission projects. 
                          2.  What date should we have the pancake meal in October?       
                          3.  Remind each time to get towels, pot holder and dishcloth.     
                          4.  Make cards for members - Bring your own supplies if you can. 
    April  1         1.  Library work     
                          2.  Remind each time to get towels, pot holder and dishcloth. 
    May 6           1.  Salad potluck  - start at 6:30 this month
                          2.  Church Kitchen and Fellowship Hall cleaning bee 
                          3.  Remind each time to get towels, pot holder and dishcloth.     

    June 3            Movie night at Carol K’s. at 6:00 (may move the date) 
    SEPTEMBER 14      No Monday meeting date; instead we will go to the craft show at St. John’s Apple Orchard. 
                                       We will go out for lunch after and talk about final arrangements for our Pancake meal in October. 
                                       Remind each time to get towels, pot holder and dishcloth. 
    OCTOBER 7        1.  Talk about pancake meal 
                                   2.  Talk about what to do for our mission project fundraiser table.  candy selections?     
                                   3.  Remind each time to get towels, pot holder and dishcloth.   
                                   4.  Discuss Advent supper - December 11 
    NOVEMBER 4      Make towel angels for gift table. Bring 3 towels, 3 pot holder, and 3 dish cloths and ribbon.                     

    DECEMBER 2      Christmas Party – White elephant gifts again   Hostesses ?? 
              December 3   Tuesday - Decorate church at 9:00 AM. This is the day after our Christmas party.
              December 11 Advent supper  
    Lawn mowing
  • The lawns at our church and school property take many hours each week to cut during the growing season.  The congregation provides the equipment for our volunteers to use. We look for many volunteers so that no one needs to do mowing too often.
    Musical interests
  • Choir direction, solo singing, organ playing, piano playing, instrument playing: these are all areas where it is good to know who has the ability and interest in doing them. Please speak to the pastor about your willingness to serve in any of these areas. We would love to add more musical instruments to our services.
    Snow removal
  • For many years we have been able to rely on faithful members to take care of timely removal of snow from our church and school parking lots. For that work by the Goetz family, we are deeply grateful. We rely on volunteers to use shovels and/or snow blowers to clear the sidewalks at both the church and school. We would also appreciate knowing if there are other members who have the means to plow our parking lot in case of emergency.
  • Because involvement of the men of the congregation is so important, we use our usher program to teach male leadership, responsibility, and service.  Teams of ushers assist in various ways at each of our worship services.  The Board of Elders invites communicant male members of the congregation to serve on usher teams of 3 or 4 men.

    The role of the usher in the service is to provide direction to our members and to visitors throughout the service, to collect and take the offering to the altar on behalf of those assembled, and to support the pastor in ensuring the service is conducted in a God-pleasing manner.

    Each December a schedule is drawn up for the following year of worship services.  Please speak with Pastor to let him know of your willingness to serve as an usher.  Each month there will appear a reminder of who serves for our services in our church newsletter.
    Vacation Bible School
  • Sessions for Vacation Bible School are held for five days or evenings in the summer, during which children from our congregation and community study God's Word and work on craft projects.  Helpers are needed each year for the craft projects, helping during the Bible lessons, recess and snack time, and more.
    Youth Group
  • We invite interested members to serve our young people by helping with group meetings, travel, activities and more.
    Easy ways to help
  • There are a few programs in which our church and school are involved. These programs help us get supplies needed for our church and school.

    We ask that you save Box Tops for Education labels. These are found on many food and personal items. We also ask that you turn in empty ink/printer cartridges (all sizes). We use the credit from these to purchase office supplies for our school and church. All these items may be placed in boxes on the shelf in the entryway at church.

    We also are enrolled in the Amazon Smile program.  A portion of what you pay when you order from Amazon will go to our congregation.  Please follow this link to support Memorial Lutheran when you shop.

    We will update you on certain bonus offers from  programs as we hear of them.

    We thank you for your continued support of these programs that greatly help our church and school.