About Us

Our congregation exists, with its church, school and preschool, to teach the truths which God has revealed to His world about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God uses the Word of God and the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion to strengthen the life and faith of our members, as well as to pass His message on to our community at large and across the world via the mission efforts of our Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod of which we are a member.

This We Believe

    What we believe and teach
  • Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church does not participate in God’s work in order to justify our existence as a church and school. We do this work in grateful, loving response to the forgiveness we have received from Jesus Christ, the world’s only Savior, and in love for souls throughout the world.
    Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1948 to strengthen the faith of its members and to present the Bible’s timeless teachings to those here and abroad who are living without the assurance of heaven through faith in Christ Jesus. To carry out those gospel goals, we believe and teach —
    • that the entire Bible is the very word of God Himself, given to human writers, and that it is the only foundation for our faith and life; 
    • that the God revealed in the Bible is the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–three persons in one true God) and that He is the only true God;
    • that all people have sinned against God’s holy will, have fallen short of His standard of perfection, and thus deserve to be condemned eternally;
    • that Jesus Christ came to earth to rescue all people from the guilt and power of sin, and that He lived and died and rose again as the perfect and only Savior;
    • that through faith which is created by the Holy Spirit the benefits of Christ’s work become our personal possession;
    • that on the last day Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead, and will take all who trust in Him to eternal life.

    We are united in this confession of faith with more than 1,200 congregations of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, and with those congregations we serve in God’s kingdom world-wide.

Spiritual Growth

    Procedures for In-person Worship Summer 2020
  • Our congregation’s Board of Elders discussed at length resuming in-person worship at Memorial. Some of our members will not be joining us for in-person worship for a number of weeks or months yet because they don’t yet feel safe gathering with a larger group and/or have a weaker immune system. We will continue to record the worship service each Thursday evening this summer. That way, those who are at risk and unable to attend in person have the God-pleasing option of worshiping Him on-line each week. We ask that those with COVID-19 symptoms, or who have been in recent contact with someone who has been tested for and diagnosed with COVID-19, refrain from in-person worship for at least two weeks.
    The Board of Elders also directs your attention to the following encouragement from Rev. Mark Schroeder, WELS President: We will also want to act evangelically and respectfully because we realize our members and neighboring congregations may have many different approaches, opinions, or comfort levels. As we try to walk through the various governmental and medical concerns, guidelines, and recommendations, we also want to have a balanced spiritual concern toward our members, realizing some will want to gather in worship as soon as possible and others will still feel hesitant for a while. There also will be divided human opinions on the wisdom of beginning to open up or not to open up at all at this time. We want to encourage everyone to be patient with everybody else and to make those decisions in Christian love and with much prayer.
    We are committed to having proper precautions in place as in-person worship resumes. That means a number of things will be different for a while.
    Entering church   Weather-permitting, we will prop the front doors open. In poor weather, the pastor, greeter, or usher will open the door for you. You may also use the ramp to enter the sanctuary, and ask an usher to get the bulletin from your mail slot. We will not shake hands. Hand sanitizer is placed at each of the entrances to the church sanctuary.
    Proper distancing   We have placed signs on pews, showing that worshipers will use every other pew, a distance of almost exactly six feet. Individual worshipers, or one individual and one couple, may share a pew as they use opposite ends of that pew.

    Masks   After the worship service July 19 the Board of Elders, President Dane Nickols, Vice-President Joe Janecke and Pastor Voss decided that worshipers are to wear masks during the service (removing them for the Lord’s Supper) unless there is a medical reason for not wearing the mask. 

    Hymnals   Reports from the Center for Disease Control show that the virus does not last more than 72 hours on most surfaces. We will use hymnals in the pews for Sunday morning services since that will allow 167 hours between touching those books. For Thursday evening worship, we will have 20-30 hymnals set aside in the narthex for use because it would be only 61 hours from Thursday evening to Sunday morning services.
                If you’d rather not use a hymnal, you may download the order of service that is posted by Thursday afternoon of each week and bring it with you to church. Another option is to request a paper copy of the order of service; please make that request several days before the service, if at all possible, since we don’t have a photocopier at church.
    Thankoffering plates   A plate is placed at each of the doors to the church sanctuary. You may place your thankoffering in one of those plates before or after the service. The plates will not be passed during the service.
    Singing and speaking     Recent reports express some concern about droplets in the air from people speaking and singing. For now, we will greatly reduce the amount of singing / speaking in our worship services.
    • Our Altar Guild volunteers will wear a mask and gloves when they set up for the sacrament.
    • Communion will be distributed to communicants as they stand about six feet from other couples / families in front of the front pews.
    • The pastor will sanitize his hands just before consecrating the elements for Communion, and again before communicants come forward.
    • Only individual cups will be used, they will be spread out on the trays, and a basket for you to put the cup as you depart from Communion will be provided. 
    • To greatly reduce the chance of transmitting droplets by speaking closely to communicants, without saying anything the pastor will place the bread in communicants’ hands, then step back to say, “Take and eat, …” as all the communicants partake of the bread at the same time. The same procedure will be followed for the distribution of the wine, as well as with the dismissal of communicants.
    • All these items will be reviewed for communicants before Communion worship services.
    • We will speak with the ushers about a different way to usher communicants forward.
    Visiting before and after the service    We urge worshipers not to visit in the narthex and sanctuary for an extended time and in close proximity before or after the service. Heading outside for conversation will allow for more space and air circulation.
    The Board of Elders will evaluate these procedures every several weeks. It may be that some of what is described above will need to be modified as we see what works and what doesn’t.
    We rejoice to resume worship of the Triune God in His house! We look forward to the time when those of you who aren’t yet comfortable with and/or able to gather at church for worship will join us! May everything that all of us do and think and say be to God’s glory and for the good of His kingdom!
    We thank God the Father for keeping us safe and well these past months. We thank God the Son for the daily forgiveness of sins He purchased for the world by His suffering and death. We thank God the Holy Spirit for supplying us with the Gospel, even though it’s been on-line for longer than many of us wanted.
    In the name of our Triune God,
    Steve Houser     Robert Briggs     Pastor Voss
    Bible Class
  • Bible classes for young people and adults are held at 9:15 in the sanctuary.  Sessions begin the Sunday after Labor Day and conclude the Sunday before Memorial Day. We welcome and encourage guests to attend.

    Our class studies portions of God's Word, history of Christianity, Biblical geography, and other related Bible topics. Our congregation sent our pastor to the Holy Land in 2008, and he is able to use photos taken and knowledge gained there to supplement our Bible studies. This allows the class to gain a clearer picture of Biblical events as we study them.
    Sunday School
  • Sunday School at Memorial is offered to children 3 years old through eighth grade. Visiting children are welcome to come to our Sunday School to hear God's Word.  We encourage our students to bring their friends. Sessions begin the Sunday after Labor Day and conclude the Sunday before Memorial Day. Sunday School is held at 9:15 AM (between worship services) in the fellowship hall.

    We use the Christ Light series of materials published by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  Our students join the Lutheran elementary school students in sharing God's Word at our Christmas Eve service.  They also edify our worship services by singing several times throughout the school year.
    Catechism Class
  • Pastor conducts Catechism class once a week through the school year for seventh and eighth graders.  This class is to prepare them for communicant membership in our congregation. The students are taught from the Bible and Luther's Small Catechism.
    Bible Information Class
  • The pastor offers an adult instruction class. This Bible Information Class (BIC) is for:
    • people who are interested in becoming communicant members of our congregation;
    • parents of new students in our school in order to get the parents acquainted with the Biblical instruction their children will receive in our school’s classrooms;
    • those who want to know more about our church’s teachings;
    • current members of our congregation who wish to review the doctrines of the Bible.
    The class meets once a week for 4-5 months. (That may sound like a long time, but the pastor is confident that you will find that the classes move along quickly.) Each session runs 60-75 minutes, depending on the material to be covered and the discussion which class members generate. The book we use for the class is provided by the congregation at no cost to you, and the book is yours to keep after we are done. We also have Bibles to use, although you are certainly welcome to bring your own Bible.
    Church Library
  • Our libraries are a great blessing for all ages and are freely available for you to use.  We have a video and audio library in the narthex, located near the cry room.  To use the items in this library, please sign your name and the title of what you are checking out in the book provided.

    Our book library is located in the fellowship hall.  To check out those materials, sign the card in the back of the book and leave it in the marked box. There is also a list of check-out procedures on the bulletin board above the check out stand.