Preschool Learning Center Goals
Memorial Lutheran Preschool Learning Center is an outreach ministry of Memorial Lutheran Church. God gives parents the primary responsibility to bring their children up in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).  The mission of our preschool is to serve parents by assisting them in this responsibility.

The goals for the preschool education at Memorial Lutheran School are:

To instill in the young child a knowledge of God’s love for him/her.
      a.  To know that our Bible lessons are from God’s book, the Bible.
      b.  To trust God as a loving Father.
      c.  To know that Jesus is one’s best Friend and only Savior.
      d.  To provide opportunities to worship, work and play with other friends of  Jesus.
To meet the basic needs of young children.
      a.  Develop self-awareness and a sense of self worth.
      b.  Help children develop both gross and fine motor skills.
      c.  Develop visual and auditory skills.
      d.  Build vocabulary.
      e.  Help children adjust socially to their peer group.
      f.   Help children learn the skills necessary for a successful school experience.
To introduce and familiarize the child with basic academic skills.
      a.  Reading Readiness – visual discrimination, rhyming, sequential order, letter identification, language
           development, opposites, classification.
      b.  Math Readiness – matching, size, counting with understanding, shapes, spatial relationships,
           number identification and comparison, graphing, patterns, sorting, money.
      c.  Science – Seasons, nutrition, plants, animals, my body, 5 senses, water
      d.  Social Studies – safety, community, holidays, family
      e.  Music – singing, finger plays, rhythm, musical instruments, participating in worship services
      f.   Art – coloring, scissors skills, painting, creativity
      g.  Physical Education – creative movement, parachute activities, tumbling, games