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75th Church Anniversary
We worshiped on Holy Trinity Sunday and also thanked God that day for giving His Word to us for 75 years in this congregation. We had a brunch potluck meal, opened a time capsule from our 50th anniversary, had a church history trivia "quiz", and were able to look through photo albums of our church history. These albums were put together by our Ladies Fellowship Group. All glory be to God alone!

Vacation Bible School 2023
Fifty children heard to Word of God at our VBS this year. God be praised and may He bless His lambs.

We are blessed!

VBS 2022
Our Vacation Bible School was held the last week of July.  We learned lessons from God's Word, enjoyed play time outside, did crafts and performed a play adapted from The Tale of Three Trees. 65 children heard about God's Love and we thank the Lord for that.

Church Year 2019-20
Enjoy pictures of activities, events, and our properties.

VBS 2019
We were blessed to have over 40 students attend our Vacation Bible School this year.  "Be Followers of Jesus" was our theme. We studied lessons about people God chose to spread His Word.  We also were reminded through presentations and activities about life at the time of Jesus.

Live Nativity 2016
This was the fifth year of our annual Live Nativity.  It is a congregational effort and all glory goes to our Savior!

Our Steeple
Our steeple needed to be removed because of damage to the steeple and because of the roof leaks it often posed.  Our members realize that while the church looks different, the message preached inside is still the same. The cross on the outside in front of church still tells passers-by what we teach and believe.

We thank Victor and Patrick for their many hours in the heat of summer to do this work.  We know it was done in service to our Lord.

The steeple was not original to the church but added later. The cross at the top of the steeple was saved and we hope to use it somewhere on the church or school grounds.

Live Nativity 2015
This was our fourth annual event.  We hold the event on the second Saturday of December.  Come travel back in time as you go through Bethlehem, their marketplaces, the shepherds fields and most of all view the stable where Jesus was born! Our members have made everything and set it all up and then take part in the event.  We give all glory to God!

Ladies Fellowship hosts High Tea
Our Ladies' Fellowship Group invited women and girls from our congregation and their guests to a high tea.  It was so much fun to enjoy a few hours together and have some great food.  We dressed up and had a guest presenter talk to us about her miniature gardens.

Lent by Candlelight
We held this special event on a Sunday afternoon.  It reminded us to keep focused on Christ's Passion and to remember that He did it all for us.  Thank you Lord!

Live Nativity 2014
Our members work hard each year to produce this Live Nativity event.  This was our third year.  Each year we add something new and try to improve on the previous year.  We do all of this to God's glory and to present to our guests the true meaning of what happened that blessed first Christmas night in Bethlehem.

Fall Friendship Festival 2014
After our Friendship Sunday services at church, we headed to school for a fun meal of pancakes, delicious breads and muffins, and eggs and ham. After the meal we had fun visiting, playing games, and making fall crafts. It was a wonderful day, and we give thanks to God for blessing it so richly.

Seeing Christ in the Passover
On April 6 we held our first Passover Seder meal and presentation.  We learned so much and enjoyed fellowship.

Live Nativity 2013
This is the second year that we have had a Live Nativity.  Our members work very hard to put on this event.  We give all glory to God.